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Cary Millsap
Cary Millsap
ACE Alumni ACE Alumni

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Job Role Owner, consultant, author, teacher, software designer and developer
Company Method R Corporation
Country United States
Top Expertise Performance
Focus Area Database

About Cary

Cary Millsap spent the 1990s learning a lifetimeā€™s worth of lessons about software performance as a consultant for Oracle Corporation. In his ten years at Oracle, he personally helped over a hundred customers, and he created an elite 85-person team who have helped hundreds more.

Cary left Oracle in 1999 to start a family and a new company. He spent the next two decades teaching, consulting, and writing software. He has educated thousands of IT professionals through his commitment to writing, teaching, and speaking at public events. His new book, How to Make Things Faster, is for anybody who is curious about the performance of anything and how to improve it.

He is the founder and president of Method R Corporation (, a software, education, and consulting company committed to making computer systems go faster.

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