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Víctor Orozco
Víctor Orozco

Top Level Details

Job Role Developer
Company Nabenik S.A.
Country Guatemala
Top Expertise Java
Focus Area Cloud

About Víctor

Víctor is a software engineer living in Guatemala City. OAS scholarships alumni, Msc. in Computer Science, OCA, OCP Java certifications, Certified Kubernetes Administrator and current CTO of Nabenik.

With 10+ years of experience in the Java Enterprise sector, he is a Java Champion and Duke's Choice Award winner (2016).

He likes to consider himself as education advocate, with an established record of initiatives and educational resources in Linux and Open Source, helping government, banking, telecommunications and financial institutions to implement time-critical applications with training, support and general consultancy. You can find him speaking about these experiences in conferences like Java One, DevNexus, Oracle Developer Tour, Java Days among other conferences in Latin America.

Expertises Java Linux Cloud

Latest Contributions