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David Dai
David Dai

Top Level Details

Job Role DBA
Company Zhixin Information technology co. LTD.
Country China, People's Republic of
Focus Area Database

About David

David is a core member of ACOUG (All China Oracle User Group) and CN'SOUG (China Southern Oracle User Group ). In order to benefit more people, he established Anhui DBA Club and China DBA Community officially in 2014.

He committed himself to oracle database work for over 12 years since 2007.
He is the person with a great enthusiasm for the study of Oracle technology research and making contribution to the industry by writing technical blogs.There have already been more than 1000 blog articles on CSDN forum ( the largest Chinese IT forum in the world) contributed by him since 2012, and they got over 161 million views.

Not only dose he have a solid knowledge of high availability of Oracle, and masters Oracle database diagnosis and performance tuning, but he also willing to help others in need by means of sharing his blogs with all people. It elevates his blog to be No.5 in the most popular ranking on CSDN forum.

He will continue to devote himself to databases industry in the future.

Welcome to access to his contribution, if you have any interest in it.

China DBA Community
2014- present
Oracle Database Problem Solutions and Troubleshooting Manual (published in 2018)
Master New features of Oracle 18C (published in 2019)


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