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Jhonata Lamim
Jhonata Lamim

Top Level Details

Job Role Project and architecture manager
Company Exímio Information Technology Solutions
Country Brazil
Top Expertise Database
Focus Area Database

About Jhonata

Jhonata Euclides Lamim is graduated in information systems and MBA in Oracle Database Administration. He works for Exímio Information Technology Solutions as an Oracle DBA. Works as DBA since 2010 and has solid Oracle Database knowlegeds and skills.
He was been work and was involved in important projects of High Availability and performance in Linux and IBM AIX operating systems. He is OCP 12c, OCA 11g/12c, OCS Linux 6, RAC 12C, Oracle 11g and OCE Performance Tuning 11g enter others.

Expertises Database Data Guard Cloud Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Performance High Availability Exadata Database 19c Engineered Systems

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