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Franky Weber Faust
Franky Weber Faust

Top Level Details

Job Role Lead Database Consultant
Company Pythian
Country Brazil
Top Expertise Database
Focus Area Database

About Franky

Franky Faust works for Pythian as Lead Oracle Database Consultant. He has extensive knowledge in Oracle Exadata and High Availability technologies and in other databases like Snowflake DB, MySQL, Cassandra and SQL Server.
He is always improving his skills focusing on researching Oracle performance and HA. Franky has been involved in some major implementations of multi node RAC in AIX, Linux and Exadata and multisite DataGuard environments. He is OCP 12c, OCE SQL, OCA 11g, OCS Linux 6, RAC 12c, Exadata, OCI and AWS Solutions Architect, Snowflake SnowPro certified and was nominated Oracle ACE in 2017.
He is well known in the Brazilian community for his blog and for all the contribution he provides to the Oracle Brazilian community. Franky is also a frequent writer for OTN and speaker at some Oracle and database conferences around the world. Franky is also a board member of GUOB (Brazilian Oracle User Group). Feel free to contact him on social media.

Expertises Database Exadata Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Linux

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