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Peter Finnigan
Peter Finnigan

Top Level Details

Job Role CEO
Company Limited
Country United Kingdom
Focus Area Database

About Peter

Pete specializes in all aspects of securing data and securing Oracle databases and runs Limited a UK based company focusing on Oracle Security. Pete was one of the first to focus on the art of securing Oracle and authored the SANS Oracle Security step-by-step guide which became the first version of the Center for Internet Security Oracle Benchmark. Pete helps clients design and implement secure Oracle databases and also performs detailed security assessments. Pete has helped many organizations to create audit trail designs, implement VPD, Label security and many other specialised Oracle Security implementations both using Oracle products and customized solutions.

Pete is also the designer of two popular security tools for Oracle databases; PFCLScan, a security audit tool and PFCLObfuscate for securing your PL/SQL. Finally Pete also teaches his own very popular Oracle security based training to many clients both public and private.


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