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Gustavo Gonzalez
Gustavo Gonzalez
ACE Director ACE Director

Top Level Details

Job Role CTO
Company KNEX Technology
Country Argentina
Top Expertise Fusion Apps
Focus Area Fusion Apps

About Gustavo

Gustavo Gonzalez is a Global Business Information and Technology strategist with 20+ years of experience. He has led the global implementation and deployment of technology and corporate software in multinational companies across LATAM, APAC, the Middle East, and the US. Gustavo has a strong acumen for helping overcome business challenges in a global environment with the proper use of technology.
Before joining KNEX, he led the Tech Strategy at a global Oracle Partner. He also worked as ERP Director at Danone Argentina - a subsidiary of Danone SA France with four companies in Argentina, Dairy, Water, and Nutrition. Previously served as Global BI Project Manager at Nike Corp, working at the Global Headquarters.
Gustavo has an MBA from the University of Buenos Aires and is a Systems Engineer from UNICEN Tandil.
In 2012, he was recognized as an Oracle ACE Director. Since then, Gustavo has been delivering presentations at more than 250 conferences worldwide in more than 25 countries across America, Europe, and Asia.
Gustavo lives in General Villegas, a small city in Argentina, with two dogs, two cats, three adorable kids, and a supporting wife.

Expertises Fusion Apps Application Programming Interfaces (API) Code Management