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Rolando Carrasco
Rolando Carrasco
ACE Director ACE Director

Top Level Details

Job Role Architect
Company Services & Processes Solutions (SPS)
Country Mexico
Top Expertise OCI Data Integrator (ODI)
Focus Area Cloud

About Rolando

With a passion of systems and applications integration, Rolando has spent most of his professional career working with customers to solve a common long time problem: Applications Integration.

Since his years in college he started to work with Hewlett Packard (Mexico), he joined HP back in 2001. Even his tenure with HP was short, he realized that his professional career should be focused on Applications Integration. He started to implement integration solutions with JAVA, XML, Web Services, EAI.

He graduated with honors and was the best qualified student of his generation (1997-2001) . He studied in Mexico at Universidad Iberoamericana.

An important event happened while he was working with HP. It was the HP and Compaq fusion. When that happened a lot of changes occurred at HP and Rolando moved to Oracle. That pretty much changed his professional career to these days.

At Oracle he was always focused in the Integration technology that Oracle had at that time, it was not too many product as today, but it was something to start with.

Then the Collaxa acquisition by Oracle happened, and that was the first step in this journey that has turned Rolando one of the most respected professionals in the Oracle SOA space for the latin american market.

Rolando started to work with Oracle BPEL PM and had the opportunity to join the Oracle Product Management Team. He was the first PM for LAD in those days. Covering from Mexico to Brazil.

From 2005 to 2010 he was a Principal Product Manager for the latinamerican region. Having in charge the whole Fusion Middleware stack. Those years are the ones when Oracle acquired most of the components that are the foundation of the current Middleware offering: BEA, Thor, SUN, Oblix, Tangosol, etc. Rolando had to be proficient in the whole stack, which was great challenge, because of the extension of every product. All these had Rolando very busy in the whole region, and gave him the opportunity to work in the most important customer of the region. From Mexico to Argentina, Rolando collaborated with the different Oracle’s subsidiaries to promote the usage of Fusion Middleware.

Then in 2010 he joined S&P Solutions. He joined as an associate.
S&P Solutions is one of the most important Oracle partners in the latinamerican region. In S&P, Rolando has had the opportunity to implement most of the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack, with the top companies in Mexico (telcos, financial institutions, retailers, manufacturing, construction).

Rolando is an Oracle ACE and a Developer Champion; he is also one of the leaders of the ORAMEX Oracle Users Group in Mexico. He has a lot of articles and posts published at his blog ( as well as in the Oracle Tecnhology Network for the Spanish speaking community.

Rolando wrote, back in 2015, the Oracle API Management 12c implementation book together with some other friends and colleagues. This has been one of his greatest achievements in his career.

Rolando’s skills are focused on application integration, API Management, Containers, Services (Microservices), Chatbots and DevOps.

Expertises OCI Data Integrator (ODI) Cybersecurity Database Tools APIs AI Infrastructure Artificial Intelligence (AI)