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Timothy Hall
Timothy Hall
ACE Director ACE Director

Top Level Details

Job Role DBA
Country United Kingdom
Top Expertise Database
Focus Area Database

About Timothy

Tim Hall is an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) DBA/Developer,
Oracle ACE Director and was chosen as Oracle ACE of the Year 2006 by
Oracle Magazine Editors Choice Awards. He has been involved in DBA,
design and development work with Oracle databases since 1994. He has
gained a wide knowledge of the Oracle software stack and has worked as
a consultant for several multi-national companies on projects ranging
from real-time control systems to OLTP web applications. Since 2000 he
has published over 400 articles on his website (
covering a wide range of Oracle features.

Expertises Database Procedural Language for SQL (PL/SQL) Structured Query Language (SQL) Database Administrator (DBA)

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