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Matthias Jung
Matthias Jung
ACE Associate ACE Associate

Top Level Details

Job Role Head of Data Management
Company ORDIX AG
Country Germany
Focus Area MySQL

About Matthias

When I started my professional life as a consultant 20 years ago, my contact with databases was virtually "pre-programmed" by my employer. At about the same time, I also began to deal with the topic of MySQL as a database administrator. Since then, this product, along with many other database products, has accompanied me in my everyday professional life with growing enthusiasm.

Very often I come across prejudices against MySQL in my everyday work, which can usually be quickly refuted by appropriate facts and information. My goal is therefore to provide comprehensive information about the possible uses of MySQL in order to increase the degree of spread of MySQL - also in "professional" and critical areas.

I am employed by ORDIX AG, an independent IT service provider and consulting company. My main focus is on databases (especially Oracle and MySQL). I actively pass on my many years of database know-how as a consultant and developer in customer projects and as a trainer in seminars. In addition, I regularly write articles and blog posts, especially about innovations in MySQL and / or about experiences from customer projects. I am also a frequent speaker at relevant German IT conferences (e.g. DOAG, IT Tage).


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