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Prashant Dixit
Prashant Dixit

Top Level Details

Job Role Database Solution Architect
Company Ericsson Canada
Country Canada
Top Expertise Performance Management
Focus Area Database

About Prashant

A seasoned Database Architect/DBA with more than 15 years of experience. Passionate for Database Performance, Troubleshooting, System Stabilization, Optimization, Data Replications, Exa/Engineered Systems and Migrations/Upgrades. A DBA with a creative bend of mind, having a wide range of Administration, Development and Implementation experience with big organizations.

As a senior member of his Team, he is able to combine his love for Oracle Databases, System Architecture and OS/Application Management. In his current role he is helping his customers to efficiently build their database systems right from the scratch till conclusion/delivery phase.

At the same time, he is the go to person for all of Oracle database performance related complex, obscure and tricky problems. His methods helps customers to proactively diagnose and timely resolve performance bottlenecks. He has wide experience in troubleshooting and resolving database performance issues for custom and COTS applications including Oracle e-Business suite, PepleTools, GoldenGate, RAC, Exadata etc. He has solid data architecture background, data warehousing and data profiling experience.

Expertises Performance Management OEM Diagnostics & Tuning Pack Upgrade / Migration GoldenGate Exadata WebLogic Server

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