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Xiaogang Xue
Xiaogang Xue

Top Level Details

Job Role Chief Data Architect
Company Beijing Sandata Technology Co., Ltd
Country China, People's Republic of
Top Expertise Database
Focus Area Database

About Xiaogang

  1. 18 years experience in database, including Oracle8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12C, 19C installation, backup, recovery, high availability (ADG RAC) and tuning. Mastering the knowledge of Oracle's architecture, including memory structure, physical storage, SQL Tuning and more.

  2. MySQL 5.6, 5.7, 8.0. Learn about MGR+Router+shell. Mastering the knowledge of the architecture of MySQL, including memory structure, physical storage, SQL Tuning and more. Familiar with using MySQL multisource replication, filtering replication.

  3. Other databases including Redis, MongoDB, elasticsearch, neo4j, HBase, Hive, impala, PostgreSQL, greenplum,influxdb, and familiar with their high availability and tuning.

  4. Participating Oracle projects covering government, business, public security, transportation and finance areas.

  5. Personal Technology Blog Address:
    With nearly 600,000 views.

  6. Lecturer of MySQL OCP: Lecturer Introduction Address:
    Trained over 500 OCP trainees for MySQL.

  7. Continuously learn from ACEs in China to improve my own capabilities.

  8. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of various databases, using Oracle and MySQL skills to integrate other databases.

  9. ITPUB Memory Database Moderator and Core Expert; Gold consultant. ITPUB Memory Database Block URL User name: xuexiaogang

  10. Familiar with Oracle golden gate. Handled using MySQL, Oracle, and synchronize data to Oracle, MySQL, kafka, hbase, hive using Ogg. Promote the use of Ogg.

  11. Mastering the knowledge of TimesTen and promote the use of TimesTen.

  12. Learn about Exadata and gain insight into its hardware advantages. Promote the use of Exadata.

Expertises Database MySQL Java

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