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Bobby Curtis
Bobby Curtis

Top Level Details

Job Role CEO/Senior Cloud Architect
Company RheoData
Country United States
Top Expertise AI Vector Search
Focus Area Database

About Bobby

Bobby Curtis is the founder and owner of RheoData (@rheodatallc), a global systems integrator (SI) that focuses on helping customers architect, move, and use data to achieve their business needs. He is a former Oracle GoldenGate Product Manager, an Oracle ACE Professional, a published author, and a frequent blogger. Over the last two decades plus in the IT industry, Bobby has worked for government organizations, large financial institutions, and various large-scale consulting firms specializing in creating, maintaining, tuning, and integrating enterprise solutions to solve complex business problems. Bobby hosts a blog,, which is a source of information for solving complex issues related to Oracle technologies, data movement, and devops topics. Along with his blog, Bobby is active on Twitter under the handle @DBASolved. During his downtime, Bobby enjoys spending time with his family while traveling to watch his children compete in their respective sports. He is a geek, either writing the next chapters of an upcoming book or looking for technical solutions to solve.

Expertises AI Vector Search GoldenGate Database MySQL

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