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Hesong Wang
Hesong Wang
ACE Associate ACE Associate

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Job Role Chief Technology Officer
Company Fujian FuseSmart Data Technology Co,.Lt
Country China, People's Republic of
Top Expertise Database
Focus Area Database

About Hesong

Core member of Oracle SECOUG and the core member of OCMH. I obtained Oracle 10G OCP, Oracle 11G OCM certifications. I have more than ten years of database experience. I have served in telecom, tax, transportation, finance and other industries. I have rich experience in performance optimization, fault diagnosis, database design and abnormal recovery. I am keen on technical research and sharing.

中国东南地区甲骨文用户组核心成员,中国OCM之家(OCMH)核心成员,Oracle 11g OCM,拥有十几年的数据库经验,曾服务于电信、税务、交通、金融等行业,有丰富的性能优化、故障诊断、数据库设计、异常恢复经验,热衷于技术的研究与分享

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