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Selvakumar Nagulan
Selvakumar Nagulan
ACE Alumni ACE Alumni

Top Level Details

Job Role Oracle Database Administrator
Company Self Employed
Country United States
Top Expertise Database Administrator (DBA)
Focus Area Database

About Selvakumar

An Oracle Database Administrator with more than a decade of experience working with various Oracle tools and utilities such as RMAN, Dataguard, Goldengate, Data Integrator, etc. with maintaining optimal performance and high availability using RAC.

His works mostly revolves around migrating and upgrading databases using latest available Oracle tools such as AutoUpgrade and ZDM with prime area of focus being performance tuning of both database and individual SQLs.

Loves to explore every nook and corner possible in Oracle and other related RDBMS technology.
Likes to travel in his motorcycle whenever possible to escape from the technology world.

Expertises Database Administrator (DBA) Exadata GoldenGate Cloud

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