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Andrew Laferla
Andrew Laferla

Top Level Details

Job Role Product Director - Profitability and Cost Managment Solutions
Company Alithya
Country United States
Top Expertise Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
Focus Area Cloud

About Andrew

From the early days of high school, I have loved computer science. I loved how you could create something from nothing but a few lines of code, how you could create something that made your life easier, or even just make mundane tasks easier to get through. However, after I left high school and studied IT Engineering I was left with the feeling that something was missing. I felt like I needed to understand the business side of IT rather than purely the technical side. Even though I didn’t know it existed yet, I was preparing myself for a career in EPM.

After I have completed my studies, in both IT and Business Management, and started working in the EPM field, I have never looked back. Although I have worked on multiple EPM implementations I have always found myself drawn to Profitability and Cost Management regardless of the technology used. The challenge of Profitability and Cost Management is that although it is crucial to all businesses, it is all too often poorly implemented.

My career has, and going forward will be, focused on helping companies merge their technical and functional ambitions to deliver EPM projects that are technically sustainable and assist in promoting efficient and effective strategic decision-making.

Expertises Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

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