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Carlos Henrique Yakithi Furushima
Carlos Henrique Yakithi Furushima
ACE Alumni ACE Alumni

Top Level Details

Job Role founder
Company Furushima IT Service Technology
Country Brazil
Focus Area Database

About Carlos Henrique Yakithi

Carlos H. Y. Furushima is a relational database expert, working as a consultant for IT, mainly acting as Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle DBA). Has extensive experience and knowledge in "Performance, diagnostic and tuning", "High Availability", "Backup & Recovery" and "Exadata". He is also enthusiastic about Linux/Unix operation system contributing to the development of Linux kernel code in partnership with the community "GNU Linux", creating and reviewing new functionalities and enhancements and bug fixes. Recently, Furushima splits his time with specialized consulting in Oracle Database for Brazilian top construction and civil engineering companies and studies on "Oracle Internals", aiming to discover/understand benefits of Oracle Databases on Linux/Unix platform. Follow Furushima in his blog