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Fevzi Korkutata
Fevzi Korkutata

Top Level Details

Job Role CTO
Company Volthread
Country Turkey
Focus Area Middleware

About Fevzi

M.Fevzi Korkutata is a computer science engineer and his specialty is large scale, mission critical live production systems. Korkutata began his career as a software developer and MySQL specialist in 2005. Now, he is working as a Middleware Consultant and producing operational excellence software products. Korkutata likes to work as a full stack open source and enterprise DevOps engineer at projects’ going live phases. He has a Master of Science degree in Engineering and Technology Management from Bogazici University.

He teaches Oracle FMW courses (WebLogic, SOA, OSB, ADF…) as an official Oracle University instructor. His main areas of focus are software product development, operational excellence, system automation and infrastructure design. But Korkutata entitled himself as "Application Operations and Infrastructure Architect". Photography and traveling are the most social activities that he does in his spare time. “Cooking is a therapy for me!” he says, and he is very talented at cooking. He likes to watch cooking TV shows and is very addicted to watching movies. His favorite director is Terrence Malick and he enjoys listening to Hans Zimmer soundtrack compositions all the time.