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Gabriel Guzmán Rosario
Gabriel Guzmán Rosario
ACE Associate ACE Associate

Top Level Details

Job Role Developer
Company Insum Solutions
Country Peru
Focus Area Community

About Gabriel

I'm an IT professional specialized in Oracle products, going back to 2013 when I started working with APEX 4.x as a consultant for multiple insurance companies in Venezuela. In 2017 I was hired by Insum Solutions to join and help with the formation of the initial team for the new Latam office in Arequipa, Peru. We have grown a lot since then, participating in multiple projects from different countries, in which I had the chance to collaborate not only as a developer, but also as an analyst, tech lead, and project manager. As an engineer, I'm highly motivated by problem-solving, especially in the area of IT, so I'm always interested in learning new things and finding creative and efficient solutions. Also, I find it interesting to talk with colleagues or people dedicated to technology, so you can contact me at any time to talk about it.


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