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Ambili Thottathil
Ambili Thottathil

Top Level Details

Job Role Principal Consultant - Analytics
Company Rittman Mead Consulting Ltd.
Country United Kingdom
Top Expertise Analytics
Focus Area Analytics & BI

About Ambili

Ambili is a Principal Consultant in Analytics with Rittman Mead Consulting LTD with an industry experience of around 19 years. Her special focus is on Oracle Analytics, Oracle Digital Assistant, Oracle Database, Big Data and Graph DB primarily. Ambili is a passionate trainer who has trained many batches in Oracle DB development, Oracle Big Data and Oracle Analytics Cloud as a passion. Ambili has been a frequent Speaker at various international Oracle user group conferences since 2017 and is certified as an Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Analytics Professional, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Digital Assistant Professional and Oracle Certified Professional in Oracle Database Development. She is also a certified associate in Oracle Machine Learning using Autonomous Database, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Cloud Data Management. She has also been actively blogging and taking frequent webinars in her organisation forums.
In her own words, she is an IT Professional by Career, a Speaker by Passion and an Artist by Soul!

Expertises Analytics Procedural Language for SQL (PL/SQL) Structured Query Language (SQL) Cloud OCI Digital Assistant

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