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Kim Berg Hansen
Kim Berg Hansen
ACE Director ACE Director

Top Level Details

Job Role Lead Software Developer
Company Cegal
Country Denmark
Top Expertise Structured Query Language (SQL)
Focus Area Database

About Kim Berg

Kim Berg Hansen is a database developer from Middelfart in Denmark. Originally wanting to work with electronics, he almost coincidentally tried computer programming and discovered where his talent lay, as the programs he did worked well - unlike the electronics projects he soldered that often failed. After that experience he progressed from Commodore Basic on VIC-20 over Modula-2 and C at Odense University to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, which last two languages he now has worked with extensively since the year 2000. His professional passion is to work with data inside the database utilizing the SQL language to the fullest to achieve the best application experience for the users.

Kim shares his experience and knowledge by blogging on, author of the book "Practical Oracle SQL", presenting at various Oracle User Group conferences, and being the SQL quizmaster at His motivation is when peers go "now I understand" after his explanations, or when end users "can't live without" his application coding. He is certified Oracle OCE in SQL as well as awarded Oracle ACE Director. Outside the coding world Kim is married, loves to cook, and is a card-carrying member of Danish Beer Enthusiasts association.

Expertises Structured Query Language (SQL) Procedural Language for SQL (PL/SQL) Oracle APEX Database Development Performance Optimization Database